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AUSKF Iaido Seminar
9/28/06 - 10/1/06


The 2006 AUSKF Iaido Seminar will be held 9/28 - 10/1 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Place:
    Corryville Recreation Center
    			2823 Eden Ave
    			Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

  • Schedule:
    Thu 9/28  Iaido Seminar
    			Fri 9/29  Iaido Seminar
    			Sat 9/30  Taikai
    			Sun 10/1  Shinsa

  • Senior Lead Instructors
    Takeshi Yamaguchi    Iaido Renshi 7 Dan - Chief Instructor
    			Shozo Kato           Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan
    			Tatsuhiko Konno      Iaido Renshi 7 Dan
    			Yoshitsugu Murosako  Iaido Renshi 7 Dan
    			Ichiro Murakami      Iaido 6 Dan
    			Thomas Hooper        Iaido Renshi 6 Dan
    			Dick Anderson        Iaido 6 Dan

  • See application packet
    Seminar cost (not including meals, taikai, shinsa):
    - by 9/1: $105.00 for AUSKF members, $145.00 for non-members
    - after 9/1: $140.00 for AUSKF members, $180.00 for non-members
    - final deadline 9/18

  • Host: Northern Kentucky Kendo Club
    for questions contact Mr. James Atkins (see application packet)

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